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Under My Bed By John Dickson and Guridi

Don’t be put off by its dark cover; Under My Bed by John Dickson and Guridi is a fun and rollicking read. A party in his bedroom, under his bed, disturbs a young child’s sleep. It’s a loud, busy Monster Day party, and as the back cover states, “When confronted by our fears sometimes it’s much more fun just to join in!” Written in humorous rhyme, and illustrated with fun pictures, Under My Bed might just cure that fear of monsters for life.

Key Message for Parents | Children’s wellbeing is critical to brain development and earning

Wellbeing is defined as the result of social, emotional, cognitive and physical health. It is enhanced through good nutrition, exercise and spending 1:1 time with your child. Making time to read, play and talk together is crucial for a child’s self-esteem and confidence. It tells a child they are valued and loved.
Fears and phobias can develop early in children and are usually based on fear of the unknown. Today’s story addresses two common fears; the dark, and monsters. Share tips with parents, such as:

  • If your child experiences these fears, reassure and comfort them with hugs and kind words - never dismiss them
  • Be sensitive to their exposure to television and media, which may trigger these fears
  • Reading a story like Under My Bed, or drawing a picture about what’s worrying them might help alleviate their fears.

Australian Early Years Learning Framework | Learning Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Ways we can positively affect and support a child’s sense of wellbeing include:

  • Understanding that all children are unique individuals and all learn differently and at their own pace
  • Listening and talking with children about their feelings. Today’s story addresses a common fear of monsters. Talking and reading together can help work through these fears.
  • Puppets are an invaluable teaching tool, which could be used when presenting and discussing feelings and emotions. You might find it beneficial to have specific puppets to help explore feelings and behaviours with young children. (Kimochis http://www.kimochis.com/)



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