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Learning Time

Theme: Book’s Dads Love to Read (September 2013)

How will Ahmed get from Africa to Australia to visit his friend? To get to me is a
tale about travel and friendship. Peter, who lives in Sydney, invites his friend
Ahmed to visit the zoo - but Ahmed lives in Africa! How will Ahmed get there? To get to me explores the
concept of travel and how people use transport to move about our planet.

Key Message for Parents: The best learning happens in nurturing relationships

Research tells us healthy brain development is a result of consistent, caring relationships in stable,
nurturing environments. Let’s ensure young children have the best possible start by
  •  Providing an environment for them that is predictable and calm
  •  Being a good role model and talking to children in a respectful way
  •  Showing children we care by valuing their achievements big and small

Learning Outcomes Outcome 2: Children are connected and contribute to their world

Educators, parents and caregivers can ensure this by

  •  Encouraging participation in group activities (craft, music and play)
  •  Modeling appropriate language that will assist them in negotiation and self expression
  •  Investigating cultural diversity through stories and music

Book Introduction

Examine the cover together - what do the children see? Ask them to share with the group any
experiences they may have had travelling on any of these modes of transport!

During reading

Eleanor Kerr uses lots of lovely sound words or onomatopoeic words such as Vrooom Vrooom, Clomp
Clomp, Choo! Choo! and Whoosh! Whoosh! Ask the children to help you make these sounds as you
are reading.

After Reading

Make a map on a white board or large piece of butcher’s paper showing mountains, a city, some water,
a tunnel and Peter at the zoo.
Use pictures/template provided to retell Ahmed’s story of how he travelled to see his friend Peter. Can
the children help to stick the picture onto the map to show what Ahmed travelled in and where?
Movement and dance
This is a “follow the leader’ activity where Ahmed’s journey is re-enacted! Start by pointing out that
Peter is all the way across the room at the Zoo waiting for us (place a doll or picture there). Use the
map you created with the children to cue what kind of transport he used and when.
Line children up and begin your journey! What did he ride first? A camel! Pretend to trot along with
children…Clomp, Clomp! What next? A bus to the airport (pretend to drive a bus). Ask children to look
at the map to see what form of transport Ahmed took next - continue till you reach Peter at the Zoo!

For full learning time sheet please download attached PDF

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