Time for Bed- Petr Horacek Learning Time

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Learning Time

Time for Bed by Peter Horacek

Theme: Books Dads like to Read (September 2013)

Time for Bed is a fun, colourful, board book that is perfect to share with your

babies and toddlers. As each page is turned and each bedtime activity is

depicted, baby’s bed is created! This innovative page design provides a lovely visual surprise for

children at the end, as baby is tucked in ready to sleep.

Key Message For Parents: The best learning happens in nurturing relationships


Research tells us healthy brain development is a result of consistent, caring relationships in stable,
nurturing environments. Let’s ensure young children have the best possible start by:
  • Providing an environment that is predictable and calm
  • Being a good role model and talking to children in a respectful way
  • Showing children we care by valuing their achievements big and small
  • Establishing a predictable, calm and enjoyable sleep routine

Learning Outcomes Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

From birth babies communicate using gestures and sounds. Babies need us to:
  • Use eye contact when listening and responding to their needs
  • Engage in lots of interactive activities with them such as singing, playing and reading


For full learning time sheet please download attached PDF

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