Time For Bed- Petr Horacek Activity Time

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Activity Time


Every day moments, such as getting your baby ready for bed, are a great time to chat.


Talk about what you’ve done during the day. You might chat about how you spent your time together, about work or an activity you enjoyed, or something interesting you and your baby noticed recently.

Talk about what plans you have for tomorrow and what you might be doing. Are you going to the park, shops or work? What will you do when you’re there?

Describe night-time to your baby, and how it’s a time for sleeping. Talk about the sky growing darker, and the moon and stars coming out. Explain that people and animals are getting ready for bed too. 

You could set up a pretend bed using a little blanket and help your child to tuck in doll or teddy ready for bed.


Key message: Good health, exercise and nutrition are critical









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