This Little Piggy Went Dancing Learning Time

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Learning Time

This Little Piggy Went Dancing by Margaret Wild and Deborah Niland

Theme: Let’s Get Moving (Feb 2014)

This Little Piggy is a lovely book where piggy doesn’t just go to market. These little piggies like to do all sorts of things! These active little piggies will get you up and moving through all types of activities until the last little piggy runs all the way home again.

Key Message for Parents: Children Learn Through Being Engaged And Doing

  • Play is essential to the healthy development of children
  • Picture books provide great ideas for parents to play with their children in a meaningful way
  • Sharing stories and rhymes is one of the most important ways a parent can help their child’s developing brain

EYLF Learning Outcome: Children Are Confident And Involved Learners

  • Children are enthusiastic and active participants in their learning
  • Children use play to investigate, imagine and expore ideas
  • Children explore their environment through play

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