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Key Message for Parents | Children are active learners 

They gain knowledge by exploring their surroundings in meaningful ways. Children learn best through play. Play allows and encourages children to be engaged. Through play children are able to be curious, imagine, pretend, talk, problem solve, reason and explain. Play is critical to a young child’s social, emotional and intellectual development. 

Some ways parents can engage their toddlers at home include; 

  • Talking, singing and reading together 
  • Providing a variety of simple play materials suitable for their stage of development. 
  • Providing a balance of both adult-led and independent play. 
  • Give lots of warm and gentle snuggles 

Before Reading 

Start your session by welcoming all the children and singing a few songs to get everyone warmed up and those wriggles out.

Begin by asking a few questions:

  • Who’s goesto school?
  • How do you feel?-excited, scared, nervous
  • What things to we need to do to get readyto go to school? 

Talk about school –Focus on the positive aspects eg:you meet you friends, learn new things and have fun.

Have a lookat the cover with the group.

Talk about what is happening:

  • Who’sin the door window? 
  • What does the sign on the fence say? –Welcome-what does that mean?
  • What time is on the clock?-9am-school time! 

Use the slider to reveal who’s already inside the school-the teacher and one student

During Reading 

Get the childrento join in and do actions as you read.

  • Get out of bed-stretch
  • Eat breakfast-pretend to eat a bowl(cup hand) of cereal with a spoon
  • Brushteeth-pretend to hold a toothbrush and move back and forth over your mouth.
  • Go to school-walk fingers on arm
  • Wave bye-bye-wave hands.


After Reading 

Scan the QR code and watch and sing along with theaudio version.

The illustrationsare clearand detailedproving lotsof opportunityto go back through the book and talk and discovernew things.

For example, on the first double page when the tigers are getting out of bed ask children to find other things in the room.

  • How many books can you see?
  • Where is the cat?
  • Is it sunny or raining outside? 


For full Learning Time please download the attached PDF

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