The Very Sleepy Bear Activity Time

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By Nick Bland

Poor Bear he is very tired and winter has set in. He finally reaches his cosy den and is settling down for his long sleep when a sneaky fox appears. Fox convinces Bear that a much grander cave awaits… and so the adventure begins.
Activity: Door hanger for your child’s room
You will need:
• Template (see attached)
• Card (use an empty cereal box)
• Scissors
• Glue or sticky tape
• Textas or colour pencils for decorating.
1. Glue the template to the card and allow to dry
2. Cut out the template
3. Fold where indicated
4. Glue or sticky tape the cardboard together
5. Colour in or decorate if desired
6. Hang your door hanger on your child’s bedroom door.
This story is a great opportunity to introduce lots of new words and ideas to your child. Here are some suggestions for discussions after sharing the book:
  • What is Hibernation? You could explain that animals are all very different and Bears that live in cold countries where it snows can do something very special    with their sleep usually during Winter – it’s called “hibernation”. They curl up in their den (bed) and they go into a really deep sleep where they don’t wake-up for food or even to go to the bathroom. 
  • Talk to your child about the friendship that Bear and Fox share in the story. Fox knows Bear is about to hibernate and is trying to trick Bear! Is Fox being a good friend? What would a good friend do? What would your child do? 
  • What does your child know about sleep? Talk with your child about the difference between night and day and how our bodies need sleep. How long does your child think they sleep for at night? They may be surprised to learn they are asleep for approx. 12 hours, or around the same amount of time that they are awake during the day! 
The Lion Sleeps Tonight or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Key message

Children learn being engaged and doing.


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