The Very Noisy Baby Activity Time

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by Alison Lester

In a little pink house on the edge of town lived a baby who made some unusual sounds… oooo! Arr! GROWL! Alison Lester’s new book is so much fun to read aloud with toddlers, enjoy making some exciting animal sounds together, just like the very noisy baby.
A community comes together to have a cup of tea, they chat about their missing creatures – where could they be? How will they find a missing tiger, a horse, a blue-speckled owl, a cow, and a cockatoo? Luckily someone has a grand idea, and knows exactly what to do! The Very Noisy Baby is a fun, rhyming story that is absolute joy to share with your child.

Activity Title: Very Noisy Hand Puppets!

You will need:

  • Template (see attached)
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape.

What to do:

  1. Colour and cut out the template
  2. Fold each hand puppet is in half
  3. Secure edge with sticky tape, make sure to leave the bottom open to use as a hand puppet
  4. Use the hand puppets to bring the story to life!

More ideas

Your child may like to use the puppets to re-tell the story of The Very Noisy Baby, or they may like to make up their own story. By making up their own story with familiar characters, children will not only be having fun but will also have the opportunity to be creative - let your child’s imagination take the lead!

STEM Focus: Simple experiments is a way to introduce science concepts to your toddler. You can explore everyday sounds together. Take time to listen, what can you hear? Go on a ‘sound walk’ and make a list of all the sounds you and your child hear. Experiment with sound using a wire clothes hanger and some string – follow this link for instructions:


Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and If You’re Happy and You know it.

Key message
Children learn being engaged and doing.


For full Activity Time download attached PDF.

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