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Nicholas Ickle is back again and this time he is telling a very scary story. Just like before characters enter the story and they are anything but scary! Poor Nicholas Ickle wants his story to be filled with spooky, terrifying, frightening things like monsters and instead his story is filled with bright rainbows, delicious ice cream and cute rabbits. There is so much to enjoy with this story, exciting words, interesting illustrations and loveable characters makes this book an absolute winner!

A Scary Monster Hat

You will need:
• Template (attached) 
• Crayons, coloured pencils and textas
• Pipe cleaners
• Glue and sticky tape
• Ice cream container (optional). 
What to do:
1. Decorate template and cut out along the dotted lines
2. Glue or tape monster teeth to the ice cream container or secure to light cardboard to make a headband
3. Tape monster eyes to pipe cleaners
4. Secure pipe cleaners to ice cream container or cardboard band.
5. Wear your monster hat and pretend you are in your own scary book!
STEM Focus
When children play they are mastering a wide range of skills that help support areas of their learning. Make up a scary (or un scary) story with your child, or tell a story of your day. What did you do? Where did you go? What happened? Bring in technology and take photos of your outings and make a photo book with your child. Write or type up their words to make their very own book to read. 
Songs to sing 
Way Up High in an Apple Tree, The Rainbow Song, and 10 Little Monsters.

Key message: Children learn through being engaged and doing.

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