The Tiny King Learning Time

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Learning Time

The Tiny King

By Taro Miura
Theme: Colour (April 2014)
The Tiny King has everything he could possibly need except for someone to
share his life with. One day he meets a princess, they marry and are blessed
with lots of children. Now the Tiny King no longer feels sad and lonely. This is a
beautiful inspired story from Japan which is illustrated with bold, geometric art and collage, bringing
each page to life.

Key Message for Parents: The Best Learning Happens in Nurturing Relationships

  • Nurturing relationships in the early years lay the foundation for a wide range of later developmental outcomes that will benefit the child for life
  • Educators who give priority to nurturing relationships can assist children to develop skills in interacting positively with others
  • Children can learn about their connectedness to others through literature

Learning Outcome 2: Children are Connected With and Contribute To their World

Educators can promote this learning by:
  • Promoting a sense of community within the early childhood setting
  • Providing opportunities for group play where children can respond positively to each other and reach out for friendship and company
  • Encouraging children who are feeling lonely or left out to join in
  • Identifying social skills that can be modeled and taught by watching how children play

Before Reading

This story is about the Tiny King. Here he is on the cover of the book. This picture shows how tall he
really is, which is very small! He lives in a castle which is a very big house for a King and he is sad and
lonely because he doesn’t have a family to share his castle with. In this book we are going to see many
different colours and shapes. Which colours do you know? Do you have a favourite colour? Which
shapes do you know? Do you have a favourite shape? Let’s read about the Tiny King.

During Reading

This story begins with black pages. The black pages are about the king being lonely. The first page
that is white shows the Big Princess whom the king falls in love with and then he no longer feels
lonely. There is so much to see on each page. You can talk about the shapes and the colours. You
can count the ten children on the pages. You can look at and name the foods on the page with the
feast. You can look at the patterns for the soldiers and decide which one you like the most.

After Reading

You can compare the two versions of pages:
  • the black page of the Tiny King at the start of the book and the white page at the end
  • the black page with the soldiers and the pink page
  • the black page with the feast and the orange page
  • the black page with the horse and the green page
  • the black page with the fountain and the blue page
  • the black page with the bed and the yellow page
Talk about the differences between these pages. What is special about the coloured pages? What is
happening? How do the black pages make you feel? How do the coloured pages make you feel? What
do you think is the meaning of the story? The Tiny King was not lonely at the end of the story and
having a family made him feel very happy. Can you think about someone who makes you feel happy


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