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The Hole

By Kerry Brown and Lucia Masciullo

The Hole is a mysterious adventure story that is full of suspense and fun. A group of curious animals discover a strange black hole right in the middle
of the pathway. Each one takes a look inside but something down below is making a terrible rumbling noise. What can it be? A monster, a beast coming to eat them for tea? Who will be brave enough to call out down the hole and find who is hiding there?

Key Message for Parents | Children learn through being engaged and doing

Children are active learners. They gain knowledge by exploring and investigating their surroundings.
The most powerful way children learn is through play. Play allows and encourages children to be engaged. Making time to play with your child is a great way to spend time together and bond, and at the same time is highly beneficial to their brain development. Some ideas to put into practice to engage children in play include:

  • Set up activities that involve imaginative play like a tea party and invite all the child’s toys to come or a doctor’s surgery,

  • Do puzzles with your child. Talk to them about the picture that the puzzle makes and the shape and size of the pieces,

  • Read some interactive books. There are lots of books that engage children with lift the flaps and sliders.

Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 3: Children Are Confident and Involved Learners



We can help young children become confident learners by:

  • Providing play activities with natural and processed materials which foster curiosity, investigation and engagement,

  • Use predictive questions like “who can tell me what might happen next”. This is an effective way to develop children’s thinking and problem-solving skills, 

  • Encouraging the sharing of ideas and questions and let children be the problem solvers. Children will thrive when given the opportunity to investigate and come up with the answer,

  • Giving praise and recognising all achievements, big and small. Celebrate all successes with a clap, a cheer or a simple well done. Receiving praise will boost a child’s confidence and encourage them to keep trying. Remember reward the process and behaviours you see and not just the end result. 

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