Splish, Splash, Ducky! Learning Time

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Ducky Duckling loves playing outside in the rain. She hops with frog, squirms with wriggly worm and splashes with the fish. With bright, bold illustrations and a rhythmic text, this book shows younger readers the joys of a rainy day. A bouncy read-aloud book packed with all sorts of outdoors fun!


Before Reading

The title of the book is ‘Splish, Splash, Ducky!

Splish Splash are fun words to say out loud.

Read the title and then encourage Baby to have a try. “Can you say Splish Splash? Let’s try – “Splish Splash. Splish Splash.”

What can we see on the front cover? Label the objects, baby duck, nest, leaves and flowers, in whatever order takes Baby’s attention. Count the flowers. 


During Reading

Name the animal on each page and ask Baby to point to it or touch it. ‘I can see a frog. Can you see a frog? Show me where the frog is.’ ‘I can see a worm. Can you see a worm? Show me where the worm is.’

Encourage and help Baby to find the animals if needed. ‘Let’s find it together. There it is! We found it!’


After Reading

Use the pictures in the book as a guide and try some animal actions. This can be done while still seated together on the floor with carers and babies facing each other. Carers can demonstrate and then gently encourage their baby to copy.

For example, “Let’s try to move:            

         Like a duck               (make duck wings with arms by placing hands at armpits)

         Like a frog                (move your shoulders and torso up and down)

         Like a worm            (wiggle your torso from side to side)


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