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When Katrina Germein decided to write her fifth children’s book, she didn’t need to look beyond her own four walls for the subject matter. My Dad Thinks He’s Funny is a picture book full of the silly, eye-rolling one-liners that her father-in-law and husband daily dish out to her three children. Quips like this: ‘‘When Mum says ‘I’m going to jump in the shower’, Dad says, ‘That sounds dangerous’.’’ And ‘‘Whenever I say ‘I’m hungry’, Dad says ‘Hello Hungry, pleased to meet you’.’’Then there are old familiar jokes that many of us have heard from family relatives when we were growing up like ‘‘When people say ‘Would you like sugar?’, Dad says ‘I’m sweet enough’.’’ Then there’s ‘‘Whenever I go swimming, Dad says ‘Try not to get wet!’ ‘‘ Funnily enough, it is Germein’s sister-in-law who cracks the most dad jokes in her family. ‘‘She’s a really great aunty,’’ Germein says, ‘‘but she’s a woman in her 30s and I said to her, ‘You shouldn’t be making dad jokes at your age!’ But, along with my father-in-law, who is very good with the dad jokes, we have a good collection of them in our family.’’ Germein began jotting down the dad jokes in her house and came up with a book full of quips. And her home-grown idea, coupled with generous illustrations by Tom Jellett, has hit the mark for families across the country– the book’s first print run of 10,000 sold out late last year and a second batch has been published. ‘‘If it’s not their father, it might be their crazy aunt or their mum,’’ Germein says.‘‘There’s somebody in every family who has a few of these jokes and the good thing is that they seem to go across ages.‘‘I thought we should enjoy it while they (children) still think we’re funny.‘‘We only have a couple more years before they start groaning and rolling their eyes.’’ Based in Adelaide, Germein is mother to a 10-year-old boy and eight-year-old twins who are often used as sounding boards and critics for her rough draft versions. With a background in early childhood education, Germein runs therapeutic groups for children wo have experienced domestic violence when she’s not writing children’s books. Her first book, Big Rain Coming, set in a remote community in northern Australia where everyone is waiting for rain, won the Washington (State) Children’s Choice Picture Book award in 2002 and was also voted a Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book. My Dad Thinks He’s Funny is a Little Big Book Club selection for May. For more enjoyable selections, go to

Copy courtesy of The Courier Mail
Written by Fran Metcalf, Books Editor

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