Little Chicken Chickabee Activity Time

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Activity Time




By Janeen Brian and Danny Snell 

Guess who I am 

You will need: 

• template (see attached) 

• textas, colour pencils, paint, etc 

• scissors 

• light cardboard (eg old cereal box, shoe box) optional 

• glue (optional). 


1. Talk with your child about each of the animals on the template. What colour are they? What sounds do they make? Where do they live and what do they eat? 

2. Colour the animals while talking about them 

3. Glue the template onto the light cardboard if you are using it, and allow to dry 

4. Cut out the squares with scissors 

5. Now you are ready to play some games! 

Further information 

Your child can choose a card and then describe the animal to you without telling you it’s name. Can you guess what animal it is? Take turns playing “Guess Who I Am”. Once your child is familiar with this game you don’t really need the cards anymore – take turns thinking of and describing any animal that you and your child know. This is a fun game to play in the car. 

Or use the cards as animal signs to set-up a farm or zoo. Group your teddies or toys to match the cards. Talk about the animals while giving your child lots of time for imaginative play. 

Photocopy or print out the template again and make a second set of cards. Put the two sets together and turn all the cards over to play a memory or matching game. Who can find two cows? Or ducks? Talk about the animals and make that animal’s sound when you match a pair! 


Old Macdonald had a Farm, Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day and Mary had a Little Lamb. 

Key message 

Children learn through being engaged and doing. 

For full Activity Time please download the attached PDF

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