Let me Sleep, Sheep! Learning Time

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Before Reading

Introduce the book by showing the children the front cover. Read the title and name of the author. Ask: "Who do you think the story will be about? What animals can you see on the front cover? " Continue "What else do you notice? What do you think the boy is wanting to do? Explain "This story is about Amos and he’s wanting to go to sleep, but when he starts counting sheep to help him fall asleep, something strange happens.

During Reading

Let me Sleep Sheep! Is a fun story to share with lots of complexities on every page! With this story take time to stop and talk about what is happening on the pages. The sheep are slightly grumpy, I wonder why? How many sheep are jumping over Amos bedhead and why? Would you want Felix and Walter living in your bedroom? What does Walter mean when he says we are sheep and not rabbits? Can rabbits jumper high than sheep? There are lots of fun discussions to be had throughout the story.

After Reading

Talk about the concepts that make up the story – numeracy (opposites, counting, colours and measurements) and rules. What are rules … give examples - do he children have to brush their teeth morning and night? Do they have to wash their hands before eating? Are these actions a rule? Yes. When Amos is ounting sheep to go to sleep, do the sheep have to jump over a fence?

Yes. For the sheep, this is a rule they have to do to help Amos fall asleep.

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