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Key Message for Parents | The Best Learning Happens in Nurturing Relationships 

Babies brains are ready to learn from birth. Providing them with positive early experiences like reading, singing and playing helps build a strong foundation for all future learning. 
Some ideas to share with parents are; 
  • Encourage families to talk with their baby. Sit facing the baby while you read, they will love to watch your face as you read, and they will try to copy. 
  • Be patient. Babies may not always want to sit and listen to a whole story. If your baby becomes restless during a book, stop and try again another time. 

Before Reading 

Provide a space which allows parents and babies to sit comfortably together, babies in laps or laying on floor in front of the parent. Ideally have copies of the book so each parent can share it with their baby. 
You are a parent’s role model for how to hold and read a book to their baby. Use this time before starting the story to talk about the cover and read the title while running your finger under the words. 
Talk about what can we see on the cover of the book? What animal is that? 
Encourage parents to let their baby touch and grab the book- this is how they learn about books and the way they work! 

During Reading 

To build some suspense, before turning each page use the phrase- in the bush I see…. Then turn the page and say what animals it is. 
Underline the words with your finger- this helps build that word/sound/print association. 
Make animal noises where you can, this helps bring the story to life and babies will delight in hearing your voice. 
Talk about the pops of colour on each animal and the colours on the words. 

After Reading 

Plays some games with your baby; 
  • Play a game of “In the room I see”. Look around the room and spot different objects. Eg: In the room I see … a seat, a rug, a bed. Finish the game with seeing your baby- In the room I see… my baby. Give them a big hug. 
  • Play a game of peek a boo. Peek a book is a timeless game that can be played simply by facing the baby, holding your hands over your eyes then peeking out from behind. Alter the tone of your voice and expression on your face as you say, ‘peek a boo’.  

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