Handa’s Noisy Night Learning Time

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Learning Time

This much anticipated sequel to Handa’s Surprise, hosts a myriad of exciting nocturnal creatures! Handa believes her noisy family is who is keeping her awake – but are they really the ones who are making all the racket in the sleepy village

Before Reading

Introduce the book by looking at its cover – what can we see? Introduce the title of the book and the name of the author and illustrator. Has anyone ever read Handa’s surprise? Today will meet Handa and her friend Akeyo again and meet some very surprising visitors as well! 

During Reading

There is so much to be enjoyed in this book.

The vibrant colourful illustrations capture the energy and visual beauty of the African landscape. The highly patterned clothing and Eileen Brown’s signature colour palette will not disappoint!

The animals are introduced one by one by the sounds they make, and as heard by Handa and Akeyo. This means the reader meets each animal before Handa actually does, as she assumes it is her family who are causing the racket! Young listeners will enjoy this clever ‘story device’ which gives the reader (and the listener) a sense of being ‘in on the secret!’ 

After Reading

Those animals were so noisy! Does anyone ever hear noisy animals at night in their house!? (Possums, koalas, birds early in the morning!)

 Print out the animals showcased in the end papers. Revisit and name each one! Can your listeners put them into order of appearance?

  • What sounds did they make?
  • What sounds do you hear at your house at night?


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