Fancy Pants Activity Time

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Book title: FANCY PANTS 

Kelly Hibbert and Amanda Graham 


Make your own fancy pants! 

You will need: 

• template (see attached) 

• textas, colour pencils, paint, etc 

• scissors 

• glitter, stickers, pom poms, coloured paper, etc (optional) 

• light cardboard (eg old cereal box, shoe box) optional 

• glue (optional). 


1. Talk with your child about decorating some pants to make them ‘fancy’ 

2. Encourage your child to use their imagination to decorate the pants on the template. While they are making their creation talk about colours, patterns and         what would make the pants ‘fancy’ 

3. Stick the template onto the light cardboard if you are using it, and allow to dry 

4. Cut out the pants with scissors 

5. You can peg them on a washing line, pin them up on display or even peg them onto your child’s trouser pockets so they can wear them! 

Further information 

Does your child know what ‘fancy’ means? Use describing words such as colourful, decorative, using lots of patterns, or maybe, the opposite of plain. Look through the book ‘Fancy Pants’ and talk about the different types of pants the animals are wearing. Or look at and touch some real clothes. 

If you have any spare fabric then your child could cut up scraps to glue on the template and make a pair of ‘cloth’ pants. What does the material feel like? Is it soft, smooth, fluffy or rough? And what about patterns – spots, stripes, flowers or plain colours? 

Play dress-ups, put on some of your child’s favourite music and have a dance together! It’s also fun to play Statues where someone stops the music and everybody has to freeze like a statue. Anybody moving or wobbling is out! 


Doctor Knicker Bocker, If You’re Happy and You Know It or the Hokey Pokey. 

Key message 

The best learning happens in nurturing relationships. 

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