Dreaming of Australia A to Z Learning Time

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Learning Time

A sweet Australian alphabet book that highlights Aussie animals, plants, landmarks and activities. Written in rhyme with watercolour illustrations.


Before Reading

Read the title of the book and ask the children what ‘Australia’ means. Re-read the title and ask if any of the children can point to an ‘A’ and a ‘Z’ on the front of the book.


During Reading

For each double page spread you may choose to focus on

  • The Rhyming words
  • The illustration/alphabet

You might like to try a combination of both. Try to gauge the children’s interest and trim or stretch the conversation accordingly.


Rhyming words – After reading a double page spread ask the children if they can hear any rhyming words. Re-read the text and emphasise the rhyming words if need be. The say the rhyming words and ask the children to say them with you. “Let’s say it together. Land/Sand.”


The illustration/alphabet – Read the text on a single page and then ask the children to spot the animal in the illustration. Say the letter name and the sound. “C is for the cockatoos, screeching through the sky. - Can you see the cockatoos? There they are. C C C cockatoos. Let’s say it together c c cockatoo.” Ask the children to point to the letter C on the page. Point to the capital letter C and the lowercase letter C. You may like to comment on any children in the room whose name begins with the letter C.  Ask the children what letter of the alphabet is coming next – Sing the Alphabet Song to get to the correct letter if you need to, to help remind them “A, B, C…D!”


After Reading

Discussion – Ask the children to recall some things from the book. ‘What was your favourite animal in the story? Can you remember any food in the story? Can anyone remember any of the places that were in the story?” Turn to the appropriate page of the book to revisit the story as the children contribute ideas. Allow the children to share ideas of their own experiences of Australian animals, food, places and ideas come up. “Has anyone seen a Tassie devil before? Who’s been on a picnic? Do you like to eat vegemite? Etc.”


Alphabet – Ask the children what letter of the alphabet their name starts with and make up a little song for their name to the tune of Skip to my Lou.

 For example: Harris

Happy Harris h h h

Happy Harris h h h

Happy Harris h h h

The letter H says h.

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