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Here Come the Kittens Illustrated by Hilli Kushnir 

Meet the kittens and clap your hands in this interactive touch and feel board book. The simple repetitive text will engage babies and they will delight in clapping along and stroking the furry kittens. Full of happy, playful and cute kittens with lots of textures to feel on each page and ending with a special fold out surprise, Here come the Kittens is certainly worth a round of applause! 

Key Message for Parents | Children are born ready to learn

The brain begins to develop before birth and continues into adulthood. Babies need plenty of sensory, social and nurturing experiences to help the brain to develop strong connections. Repeated positive experiences help to develop a story foundation in the baby’s brain. 
Practitioners of Early Childhood Programs can role model positive experiences for families by: 
  • Creating a warm and welcoming space – have cushions for families to sit on, have a space for prams, greet and welcome families on arrival 
  • Providing a range of sensory activities and resources that engage and are appropriate for babies. Ideas include; scarves and musical shaker, bubbles and puppets 
  • Singing lots of songs with simple actions and hand gestures. Have song words and action cards ready for families who are not familiar with the words 
  • Play games such as peek-a-boo. 

Learning Outcomes | Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity 

Babies need to feel safe, secure and supported. Creating a nurturing and loving environment is the best way for babies learn. We can help babies develop a strong sense of identity by: 
  • Spending time with families at Storytime, ensure they feel welcome and connected to the space. It is beneficial to spend time getting to know them and their baby 
  • Spending time interacting and chatting with babies at your session. Pause and listen to baby’s cooing and babbling – respond to their attempts as they are learning about language and communication 
  • Encourage lots of contact between parent/carer and baby – plenty of cuddling and singing songs with hand actions.  
For full Learning Time please download the attached PDF
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