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CLAP HANDS: HERE COME THE KITTENS Illustrated by Hilli Kushnir

Little kittens are getting out and about! What will they see and who will they meet? Join four playful kittens as they play and explore. The simple text is perfect to share with babies. The touch and feel element on each page will engage your baby’s curiosity as there is so much to discover in this book. 

Clap, clap and make some noise

You will need:
• You and your baby
• Kitchenware such as a teaspoon, plastic cup and small containers.
What to do:
1. Spend time playing with your baby and make some noisy music
2. Tap a plastic spoon on a plastic cup or container. Show your baby how to tap with their hands, and create sounds on different surfaces, a high chair is perfect! 
3. Show your baby how different sounds can be made. For example you can use a metal teaspoon and then a plastic teaspoon – can you hear the difference? You are your baby’s favourite play companion so as they attempt to join in, applaud and encourage their efforts. This is a simple activity that will help your baby to develop curiosity.
More ideas
In this story the reader is guided to clap their hands to applaud the kittens when they try something new. You might like to sing songs that have simple hand actions in them. Songs that have gentle clapping or hand gestures are important to share with babies because while you share songs you are matching actions to the words you are singing or chanting. See words and actions for Open, Shut Them on the next page. 
Songs to sing
Old MacDonald had a Farm, Open, Shut Them and Incy Wincy Spider.

Key message

Children learn by watching and copying. 


For full Activity Time download attached PDF.


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