Christmas Wombat Activity Time

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Activity Time




By Jackie French and Bruce Whatley


Veggie stamp wrapping paper

You will need:

  • Plain paper/butchers paper
  • 1 Carrot and/or potato
  • Paint
  • Glitter – optional.


1. Cut carrot and/or potato in halves or quarters – this will be your stamp

2. Spread out your black paper

3. Pour a small amount of paint in a container or onto a paper plate. TIP: Pour paint onto a sponge to prevent spills

4. Press your vegetable stamp into the paint

5. Press your stamp onto the paper. 

Further information

Reading, singing, talking and playing with your toddler are fantastic activities to do together – you are your child’s favourite toy. Spend time sharing stories, looking at pictures and talking about the characters. You might not be able to read every book all the way through, this is okay and perfectly normal. Follow your child’s lead as every day will be different. 

Sing songs with actions in them, this encourages toddlers to move their bodies. The actions give meaning to the words they are singing. You might notice that children will mimic the actions before they join in with the words. 

Talk with your toddler every day. As well as words, keep in mind that body language, gestures and noises are forms of communication too. Give your toddler plenty of time to respond to what you are saying and acknowledge their response.

Tip: After asking your toddler a question count slowly to ten (to yourself) before talking to them again. This gives them time to think about their response.


Cuddly Koala or your favourite Christmas song. 

Key message

Children learn language by listening to it and using it.


For full Activity Time please download the attached PDF

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