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Trace the shape with your finger, it’s a square! This simple board book introduces shapes with exciting touch and feel elements on each page. Read through with your baby and point out the shapes you can see. Help your baby to touch and feel the pictures, and trace their finger around the shape as you read to them. 
Shapes of a house
You will need:
• Template (attached) 
• Glue and scissors
• A range of materials and fabrics to touch and feel.
What to do: 
1. Cut out template. If you like, glue house image to a box or some sturdy cardboard
2. Cut out shapes from a range of different textures, materials and fabrics. For example, towelling, velvet, corrugated card, sandpaper or shiny contact 
3. Add the textures to the house
4. Show your baby and help them to touch and feel the different shapes
5. Use a range of words to describe what you are feeling, for example, smooth, shiny, scratchy or bumpy.
Songs to sing 
There’s a Spot Over Here, Open Shut Them, and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. 

Key message: Children are born ready to learn. 

For full Activity Time please download the attached PDF
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