Charlie Learning Time Sheet

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Charlie’s a very clever lion. He loves art, fancy restaurants and travelling. Or at least, he thinks he would. It’s hard to tell, since he’s stuck in a zoo. With a very clever disguise, Charlie finds a way to explore the world and takes readers along on a joyful romp with him

Before Reading

Show the children the cover of the book and ask them what they notice.
What do they think the story might be about?
Where do they think the lion lives?
Do they think the lion might be about to have an adventure?
What kind of adventure?
Ask children to show you their lion teeth and claws.
Does Charlie look like a fierce or friendly? (The children may need an explanation of the meaning of the word fierce).

During Reading

Look at the illustration on the first page – ask the children where they think Charlie lives.
Read the story out loud, pausing at places that interest the children.
Talk about the places Charlie visits and allow children to share their own experiences of visiting similar places. Discuss the meaning of the word ‘disguise’  - sometimes when we dress up we wear a ‘disguise’.

After Reading

Ask the children if they’ve ever been to the zoo and allow them to share their experiences. If children haven’t been to the zoo, direct the conversation to where they might have seen animals (pets and birds at the park etc.).
Ask the children about their favourite animals and allow them to share anecdotes. (Undoubtedly, a child will mention a dead pet. Acknowledge that it’s sad when a pet dies and move the conversation back towards animals in general.)
Movement: Name one of the animals the children have just mentioned and ask them to show you how that animal might move. Repeat for a selection of animals.
Drama: Play the song ‘Leo the Lion’ again and encourage children to move around on all fours like a lion. They might like to swish their mane and show their claws.
Finish with the Zoo song and encourage children to join in with animal movements while they sing.
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