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By Ronojoy Ghosh
Charlie’s a very clever lion but if he is ever going to explore the world, he’ll need a cunning disguise. A gorgeous new picture book about fitting in and standing out!


You will need:
  • Template (see attached)

  • Pencils, crayons, textas

  • Sticky tape or glue

  • Scissors

  • Paddlepop sticks or a strip of cardboard

  • Thin cardboard such as cereal box or tissue box (optional).

    What to do

    1. Colour or decorate the glasses and moustache templates
    2. If desired glue templates onto the thin cardboard for extra strength
    3. When dry cut out each shape
    4. Attach moustache and glasses to a paddle pop stick or strip of cardboard 5. Hold the paddlepop stick handle close to your face to wear your disguise!

    Explain to your child that to wear a ‘disguise’ is to make yourself look so different that people won’t know who you are. Talk about why you would wear a disguise and what could you do (different clothes, hair/wigs, makeup) so that you couldn’t be recognized. Play dress-ups and act out a story.

    STEM Focus

    Pre-schoolers learn best in hands-on experiences, where they can explore, question and problem solve. Learning new words through play is a great way to build a child’s vocabulary and understanding. Talk about words such as disguise, camouflage (hide so you can’t be seen) and environment. There are many animals that rely on disguise and camouflage and this is a great topic to explore with children.

    Songs to sing

    The Lion Sleeps Tonight, We’re Going on a Lion Hunt and We’re going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo, you can come too too too!

    Key message: The brain develops through use.


For full Activity Time please download the attached PDF

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