Catch That Plane Learning Time

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Learning Time

Catch That Plane captures the hustle and bustle of an airport through rhythmic text and funky, informative illustrations. Catch that Plane is a delightful read and a perfect transport book to share with your little traveller!

Introduce the book by looking at its cover – what can we see? Introduce the title of the book and the name of the author and illustrator. 

Who has been on a plane before? Allow a brief time to discuss and share experiences.

During Reading

There is an exciting tension in the text from the beginning, as the family of travelers are late for their flight! The language of the text creates this excitement with the use of an ‘a’ in front of words like a-ready and a-steady or a-hustling and a-bustling. This trademark Sally Sutton style of text is fun to read and great to listen to!  

There is lots of opportunity to learn some of the special vocabulary associated with an airport and each verse introduces a new word. Departures, Check -in, security, travellator are all described and illustrated with just the right amount of detail. 

After Reading

Review and reflection

  • Who enjoyed the story? What did you like about it?
  • Let’s have a think about some of the special words that were in the book!
  • What was the travellator? What is a terminal? What is the runway used for? Who flies the plane?

Maths matching activity

Line up chairs and create an airplane. Choose a pilot and two children to be hostesses. Number the chairs like a real plane and hand out tickets! Children must match the number on their ticket to the number on the seat! For younger children you could match with pictures or colours!


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