Catch That Plane! Activity Time

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Catch That Plane!by Sally Sutton and Sylvie Currin Korankova

Catch That Plane captures the hustle and bustle of an airport through rhythmic
text and funky, informative illustrations. Catch that Plane is a delightful read and
a perfect transport book to share with your little traveller!

Get your tickets and here we go!

You will need:
• Template (see attached)
• Scissors
• Colour pencils, textas, crayons.

What to do:
1. Talk where you would like to go
2. Fill in your template/ticket
3. Cut out tickets and passport.

Toddlers love to join in with pretend play. It is a great way for them to have fun using their imagination while developing language and social skills.

More ideas:
Talk with your child about all the places they have been or where they may liketo go. What are the different ways of getting to your destination?
Could you travel by, plane, bus, train, car, boat... or what about a helicopter?
How far away is your destination and how long will it take to get there?
Would it take longer in a car or a boat, or a plane?
What is a passport? Do you need one for your destination? Where canyou use a passport?

Set up a ‘plane’ at home, using rows of chairs. Who is going to be the pilot?
Make sure you have your belt fastened before you take off... up, up and away!
What can you see out the window?

Take a visit to the airport and discover the hustle and bustle for yourselves as you watch travellers come and go and the planes take off!

Songs to sing
London Bridge is Falling Down, The Wheels On The Bus and Row Row Row Your Boat.

Key message:The best learning happens in nurturing relationships.


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