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Car, Car, Truck, Jeep By Katrina Charman & Nick Sharratt

This book is jam-packed with things on wheels. It is bursting with cars, buses, planes, trains, trucks, diggers and many more things that ‘go’. Add to that is the text that reads to the tune of 'Baa, Baa, Black Sheep' and what a combination! ‘Car, car, truck, jeep, have you any fuel? Yes, sir, yes, sir, three tanks full’.
With bold, colourful illustrations by the instantly recognisable Nick Sharratt and text by talented newcomer Katrina Charman, vehicle-obsessed little ones will never want to put this book down.

Key Message for Parents | The brain develops through use You can support parents’ understanding of how they can help their toddlers develop their natural learning abilities.

Some ideas to share with parents are:
• The brain develops through a ‘use it or lose it’ process: only those connections and pathways that are frequently used are retained. Other connections that are not repeatedly used will be pruned or discarded so the active connections can become stronger.
• The brain is most flexible early in life and its ability to grow and develop decreases with age. Experiences that use the five senses help build the necessary connections for optimal brain development.
• Different areas of the brain develop at different times. Young children learn best when their experiences are play-based and developmentally appropriate.

Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners

As educators we can help young children become confident learners by:
• Providing play activities which foster curiosity and engagement which then allows children to increasingly take responsibility for their own learning
• Listening carefully to children’s attempts to expand on their thinking through conversation and questioning
• Giving praise and recognizing all achievements, big and small
• Reinforcing with parents how to cherish time with their children – spending time playing, talking, reading and singing will unlock skills, imagination and creativity that will benefit a child for life
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