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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

By Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle

Fifty years ago (published in 1967) Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle created a book with brightly coloured artwork, favourite animals and a rhythmic story that is designed to help toddlers associate colours and meanings to objects.


Key Message for Parents | The first five years matter, and last a lifetime

Parents and professionals play a critical role in ensuring that all children get the best possible start in life. Positive early experiences help the connections in the brain that make learning possible, multiply and become stronger. Young children need positive relationships, rich learning opportunities and safe environments in order to develop to their full potential.

As educators we can support parents’ understanding of these crucial first years. Some ideas to share with parents are:

  • Repeating positive experiences (like cuddling your baby and reading, singing and talking to them) strengthens the connections in the brain.
  • Babies love to explore with their highly tuned senses. Not only is sensory play critical for their developing brains, but it can be deeply rewarding for you to watch quietly as your baby discovers new textures, learns about cause and effect, and figures out what makes the world go round.
  • Books, songs, rhymes and conversations introduce children to new words in meaningful ways.
  • Handling books and singing action songs helps young children develop coordination in their fingers and hands.


Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 1: Children have a Strong Sense of Identity

As educators we can help young children feel safe, secure and supported by:

  • Providing play activities which foster curiosity and engagement
  • Spending time interacting and conversing with each child
  • Giving praise and recognizing all achievements, big and small.



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