Bridie's Boots Activity Time

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Theme: Sharing and Giving

By Phil Cummings and Sara Acton
Lacing, threading and tying
You will need:
  • Template 
  • A shoelace, string or ribbon
  • Colour pencils, crayons or textas for decorating
  • Piece of cardboard (cereal box, etc)
  • • Glue and scissors.
  1. Colour in the template if desired and glue onto the cardboard
  2. When dry cut out the shoe and carefully make holes by pushing the point of the scissors through the little circles on the template. NOTE: This must be done by an adult for safety.
  3. Talk with your child and show them how to thread the shoelace through the holes by going up, down or across. This Activity is about developing your child’s fine motor skills, co-ordination and to strengthen their fingers (ready to hold a pen/pencil at school). Allow them to make patterns with the laces and don’t be concerned about them ‘lacing it up wrong’. 
  4. If they are interested then show them how to tie the lace into a bow.
Further ideas
It’s fun to use a real shoe, especially an adult size, for this activity. 
Spend time with your child going through their shoes, clothes and toys. Find items in good condition that they have out-grown and explain that these can be donated to charity. Talk about ways of sharing items we no longer need using services such as charity or freecycle groups.
Other great giveaway initiatives include donating your gently worn shoes (like Bridie!) through soles for souls (, or pack a shoebox for a child who has nothing (, or donate to a local organisation who help children in emergency foster care Backpacks 4 SA Kids ( 
Christmas carols including Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, or a non-Christmassy song such as Skidamarink (I love you) at

Key Message: Children’s wellbeing is critical to brain development and learning.

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