Books Always Everywhere Activity Time

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Activity Time


Theme: Connect to reading

By Jane Blatt and Sarah Massini

Books, take them here, there, everywhere! 

You will need: 
• You and your baby. 
1. Have a collection of books you can take wherever you go. 
Share stories with your baby when driving in the car or going for a walk. They can be simple stories about what you are seeing and about your day together. 
You don’t have to be at home to share books together. You can be at the doctors, the park, the supermarket or having lunch with friends. Use these times to allow your baby to learn to play and explore books and to be read to by you and your family & friends. 
Books can go wherever you go; in the pram, in the car, on the bus/train and in the shopping trolley. 
Let your baby pick up and play with picture and board books as much as possible; ones that can be sucked, chewed, dropped and enjoyed. Keep them in their box of toys, in bath and have a little collection to take out and about. 
Out and about books: board books, buggy books, cloth books, touch&feel books. 

Key Message: Children are born ready to learn.

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