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Learning Time

Boo! is a playful and hilarious book that will delight young and old! Margaret Wild’s rhyming text is rhythmic and fun to read. Andrew Joyner’s illustrations are colourful and energetic and bounce off the page!

Before Reading

Encourage parents and carers to get comfortable and try to settle their babies ready for the story. Babies can sit facing forward in laps or any other comfortable position, but make sure they are safely supported by loving arms!

Babies love sensory experiences! Using a little bell or a toy with a squeaker or puppet will help gain baby’s attention. You could have a baby doll hiding under a blanket as well that pops out - Babies will enjoy this element of surprise and it is a perfect fit for today’s story too!

Introduce the book by looking at its cover – what can we see? It’s a baby hiding under a rug! BOO!.


During Reading

This book is so much fun! From the first line to the last, the repetitive rhythm gives it great readability that you can really enjoy!

 “Boo!” said the baby to the monkey in the cot! The word “Boo!” is repeated throughout the book and is an integral part of the story. Encourage parents and carers to say “Boo” with you as you read, and to look at their babies as they say it!

When it gets to “ready, steady, count 1,2,3” slow down the pace and get parents to count with you as well!

 It is here that the perspective changes and the animals then say “Boo!” to the baby! When the monkey says “Shhhhh!”, will that quieten things down? Ask parents to make a shhhh sound too…then turn the page for the surprise!


After Reading -Peek a boo!

Peek a boo is a traditional games and one of the first games babies often learn! Babies love the repetitive nature of the game and enjoy the interactive excitement of it! Peek a Boo develops language skills and emotional engagement. Using the following rhyme, encourage parents to touch baby’s nose, toes and tickle tummies as they play.

Peek a boo! (cover eyes for “peek”, take hands away for “boo”)

Peek a boo!

I see you (tickle tummy)

I see you

I see your button nose ( touch nose )

I see your tiny toes ( tickle toes )

I see you!

Peek a Boo!.


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