Blue Sky, Yellow Kite Activity Time

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By Janet A. Holmes and Jonathan Bentley

Make a kite for someone special

You will need:

  • Template

  • Crayons to decorate

  • Scissors

  • Glue or sticky tape

  • Streamers
    *You might like to make two kites. One for your child and one for your child’s special friend or relative.


    1. Colour in the template

    2. Cut around fish

    3. Attach the streamers and string to fish template

    4. Take the Fish kites outside and watch them flutter in the wind.

Take the time with your child to discuss who they would like to make a kite for. It might be a teacher, friend, sibling, grandparent or neighbour.

Discuss with your child about how they can make the kite special for their friend. For example, what is their friend’s favourite colour? Does their friend like a particular character or object such as flowers, boats or dinosaurs?

You may wish to use junk mail to cut out fun pictures.
Follow instructions on template to make a kite and then deliver the kite to their friend or relative.

Further information

Some of the most important learning takes place in a child’s first 5 years. Young children must discover early in life how to share, to be patient, to manage their emotions and to develop empathy – to understand how others may be feeling. Children learn best if they can watch, copy and take lead from caring adults. It takes plenty of practice and lots of repeated experiences from watching role models for children to properly understand these concepts.

Books offer opportunities to explore different emotions and experiences. Talking about the characters, what they are doing and how they might be feeling gives children a greater understanding of these emotions and actions as well as helps to build their own vocabulary so they can share how they are feeling themselves. When sharing Blue Sky Yellow Kite you might like to ask questions such as; “why do you think Daisy has taken the kite?” and “How do you think William is feeling?” you could ask, “how does this make you feel?” or “what could William do?”


If you’re happy and you know it or Hickory Dickory Dock

Key message

Children learn by watching and copying. 


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