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Blast Off! By Shelly Unwin and Ben Wood

Climb aboard the rocket ship and zoom past the eight planets. Two junior astronauts guide the reader through a fun exploration of the solar system in this fact filled story. The rollicking rhyming verse along with the bright and detailed illustrations will engage and excite.

Are you ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…BLAST OFF!!!


Key Message for Parents | Children Are Born Ready To Use and Learn Mathematics

Math is so much more than just numbers and counting. Shapes, colours, size and number are all math concepts and can be introduced in fun and playful ways.

Some ideas to share with parents to help children develop their natural mathematical abilities are;

  • Sing nursery rhymes that have numbers, counting and lots of repetition such as Hickory Dickory Dock and Five Little Ducks
  • Read books that incorporate the number concepts within the story like ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. These stories help children understand the purpose of numbers and counting
  • Everyday experiences allow children to explore mathematical concepts. These experiences like getting dressed, eating, cooking and even sorting the washing provide opportunities to count together, sort together and have fun with numbers, shapes and colours
  • Collect objects such as toys, blocks, leaves from the garden or books and order into size from smallest to largest
  • Use a range of directional language to build math vocabulary – over, under, above, around


Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 3: Children Are Confident and Involved Learners

By exploring and following children’s interests we can help them in their learning journey. When children are fully engaged in any activity there is great potential for learning. We can help young children become confident learners by:

  • Providing open ended play activities which foster curiosity and engagement
  • Allowing time in the day for play, song and stories
  • Encouraging them to discuss their ideas and understandings
  • Giving praise and recognising all achievements, big and small.
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