Black and White Activity Time

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Activity Time


Book title: BLACK AND WHITE By Jane Foster

Tummy Time

You will need:

  • You and your baby

  • Template – shapes and patterns.


  1. Cut out the patterned circles on the template provided and glue to cardboard cut-outs (cereal box, tissue box or shoe box). Smooth off any sharp edges. You may wish to laminate the circles however, please make sure you smooth off any sharp edges.

  2. During tummy time, place the patterned circles so your baby can see them.

  3. Spend time talking with your baby about the shapes and the patterns.

Further information

During the first 6 months your baby’s eyes are still developing. Introducing your baby to books with high contrast (black and white) patterns, shapes and objects really helps them to focus more easily on the images that are in front of them. Share the story together and have fun exploring the animals and all the wonderful sounds that they make.

As your child grows older you can start to point out and match patterns and shapes to everyday objects, such as round buttons on their clothes, toast cut into triangles, a square book – the possibilities are endless!


Open Shut Them or Round and Round the Garden.

Key message

The first five years matter, and last a lifetime.

For full Activity Time please download the attached PDF

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