Bizzy Bear: Pirate Adventure Learning Time

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Learning Time

Bizzy Bear: Pirate Adventure by Benji Davies 

Theme: Boats (October 2013) 

Join Bizzy Bear on a fun, interactive pirate adventure on the seven seas! Cleverly designed for little fingers, this engaging book allows the child to help steer the boat, raise the flag, and open the treasure box! 

Key Message For Parents: Children Learn From Watching and Copying 

  • The ability to imitate is present at birth 
  • This ability of learning through observation is made possible through a mirror neuron system in the brain 
  • By singing songs and playing games with babies we are assisting a child’s cognitive development by teaching language and social skills. 


Learning Outcome 1: Children are Effective Communicators 

  • Children are social beings, who from birth begin with gestures to communicate 
  • Children learn to interact verbally and non verbally with others as they experience the world 
  • Children’s home language underpins their sense of identity and belonging 

Before Reading 

Introduce the book ‘Bizzy Bear’. You may like to use a teddy bear and dress it up as a pirate! Explain that Bizzy Bear is going on an adventure in a boat. You might even have a cardboard box or carton you could use as a boat. 

During Reading 

Bizzy Bear Pirate Adventure is an interactive board book-with an opportunity on every page for to lift, turn or open something! Make sure you spend time demonstrating slowly how each page and picture moves. 

After Reading 

Revisit the book by turning the book into a song! Sing the words to the tune of Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn around! 


For full learning time sheet please download attached PDF

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