Bizzy Bear Pirate Adventure Activity Time

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Activity Time


Theme: Boats


By Benji Davies

Pirate Treasure!

You will need:

• You and your baby

• An empty strawberry or tomato punnet, or egg carton. Or an empty cardboard box with a lid.

• Some small ‘treasure’ items such as a small rattle, teething ring or little toy.


1. Hide some treasure in the empty punnet, carton or box. Introduce your baby to the treasure chest. For example: “Look what I found… a treasure chest! What could be inside? Let’s open the lid and see.”

2. Help your baby open the lid and find the treasure inside. Talk about what you find with your baby.

3. Repetition is essential for baby’s learning so repeat this activity until your baby’s interest has passed.


Hide the treasure chest in your baby’s play area – maybe under a cushion, blanket or toy. Help them search to find it. Talk about where you are looking – under the toy, near the blanket, behind the chair.

If using a plastic punnet and your baby has started solids then you could use cut-up strawberries, blueberries, banana or kiwifruit, or cubes/circles of cheese for treasure at meals time.

Talk about the size of the treasure chest and how the smaller items fit inside the large box. Allow your baby plenty of time to explore the sizes and shapes, as well as opening and closing the lid of the treasure chest.

Dress-up with scarves or hats and make a pretend pirate boat cubby using chairs and a blanket or sheet, and speaking lots of unusual words such as Ahoy me Hearties, I Spy Land, and Hoist the Jolly Roger.

Songs and Rhymes:

Row Row Row Your Boat, A Sailor Went To Sea Sea Sea and The Owl and The Pussy Cat.

Key Message: The brain develops through use.


For full learning time sheet please download attached PDF



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