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Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue By Benji Davies

Nee-nahnee-nah, looks here comes Bizzy bear in his ambulance off to help someone in need. Children will delight in helping Bizzy bear by switching on the flashing lights, lifting the stretcher into the ambulance and lifting the curtain in the hospital ward. The chunky and sturdy sliders are perfect for little fingers to push and pull.

Key Message for Parents | Children learn from watching and copying

The ability to imitate is present from birth. Babies are very good at mimicking facial expressions and love to copy actions. Parents can help their babies learn from watching and copying by:

  • Playing games such as peek a boo or singing songs with simple hand actions
  • Showing gentle gestures to babies such as smiling, blowing kisses, waving and clapping hand help babies to mimic and copy and learn the actions and behaviours
  • Being a reading role model. Babies learn a lot about how books work just by watching

someone hold the book, turn the pages and point at and talk about the pictures.

Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 3: Children Are Confident and Involved Learners

From the moment they are born, babies are taking in the world around them. Naturally curious babies enjoy interacting with caring adults. Back and forth interactions between baby and adult give babies plenty of stimulation and it is through watching and copying others that babies will learn a range of skills that will lead to them becoming confident and involved learners.
Ways that we can help babies and young children become confident learners are by:

  • Providing play activities which are flexible and open ended. This allows for exploration and babies can participate in activities for as long as their attention is there
  • Giving praise and recognise all achievements, big and small. This creates ‘feel good’ hormones in the baby’s brain and motivates them to continue in the activity. The more opportunities that babies have to play the more confident they will become
  • Joining in with your babies play, it’s a perfect time to model behaviours and language.
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