Billie B Brown & Hey Jack Learning Time

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The Pocket Money Blues: In this adventure, Billie B Brown is desperate to buy a cute little Bunny Baby toy. Everyone in her class has one except for her. First she has to save up the money by doing extra jobs around the house. Luckily her friend Jack has been helping her work through a number of jobs to add to Billie’s piggy bank. But, things don’t quite go to plan and Billie has to decide what she really wants….a toy or her best friend.

The Worry Monsters: Jack (Billie B Brown’s best friend) is back with a new problem – worry monsters. With a spelling test not far away, Jack can’t chase the worry away. He is a bad speller and he is sure that he is going to fail. He doesn’t want to practise for the test because that will only remind him of how bad he is at spelling. He leaves his study very late and his worry increases. Can his dad lend a hand with an ingenious idea and help Jack manage his feelings and lift his confidence to pass the test?

Key Message for Parents

Children learn from watching and copying

  • Empathy is defined as the capacity to understand and be affected by the actions and feelings of others.
  • Empathy develops from self awareness. As preschoolers become more aware of their own emotions, they begin to recognise them in others, and their emotional vocabulary expands.
  • Children learn empathy by watching and experiencing it.
  • Children also learn appropriate behaviours through listening to stories, therefore always ensure that the books you choose to share with your child have suitable content.

Learning Outcomes

Outcome three: Children have a strong sense of well-being.

Children become strong in their social and emotional well-being.

Educators promote this learning when they

  • Talk with children about their emotions and responses to events with a view to supporting their understandings of emotional regulation and self-control.
  • Mediate and assist children to negotiate their rights in relation to the rights of others.
  • Value children’s personal decision making.
  • Acknowledge and affirm children’s effort and growth.

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