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Bea by Christine Sharp

Theme: Getting out and about (November 2013) 

Bea likes to do things differently to the other birds. She bakes buns, dances to disco beats and sings to the moon. Bea likes to stand out from the flock! This is a joyful story about being true to yourself and daring to be different. 

Key Message for Parents: The best learning happens during nurturing relationships 

  •  Relationships are at the centre of early childhood 
  •  Nurturing relationships help the development of self confidence and resilience 
  •  Children who experience positive, nurturing relationships have a better capacity to develop and sustain relationships of their own 

Learning Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity 

  •  Children establish and maintain trusting relationships with others 
  •  Children initiate and participate in play in their physical environments 
  •  Children need to feel recognised and respected for who they are 

Before Reading 

This story is called ‘Bea” and is written by Christine Sharp. It is also illustrated by her. This means she wrote the words and drew all of the pictures. Have a look at the back cover, here are some birds. Bea is the name of one of the birds. In the story, Bea likes to be different to the other birds. Can you guess which bird is Bea? Here she is on the front cover. Let’s read all about Bea.

During Reading 

Bea starts with a B. There are many ‘b’ words in this book. You can point out the ‘b’ words as you go through the book. 
Think about all of the things that Bea likes to do differently to the other birds. 

After Reading 

Tell me, what things do birds like to do? What does Bea like to do that birds don’t usually do? 
What is your favourite thing from the book that Bea likes to do? 
If you had a friend to do something special with, what would you choose to do? 

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