Bea Activity Time

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Activity Time



Theme: Getting out and about

Book title: BEA

By Christine Sharp

Lets fly a kite!


You will need:

• Template
• Textas, pencils, stickers, etc
• Paddle pop sticks or straws
• Sticky tape
• String

1. Colour/decorate and cut out the template
2. Sticky tape the sticks or straws across the centre to make the kite firm
3. Sticky tape some string to the centre, then add a tail to the bottom
4. Take your kite outside for it to fly!

Talk about how kites need the wind or a breeze to blow to lift the kite. Talk about the weather and what other types of weather we experience. 
Talk about birds and how they use wings to fly. Look at pictures/books of different birds and nests. Explain the parts of a bird such the beak, wings, legs, feathers, tail.
Collect some feathers and thin twigs to place in a bowl and make your own nest. Talk about the life cycle from a chick hatching out an egg to a grown bird that can fly.

Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day and Chicken Dance.

Key Message: The best learning happens in nurturing relationships 

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