Be Brave Pink Piglet Activity Time

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Activity Time





Theme: Starting School

By Phil Cummings and Sarah Davis

Self-portrait: what can I see?


You will need:
• Template (attached)
• Mirror
• Colour pencils, textas, etc
• Glitter, stickers, etc (optional).


  1. Ask your child to look in a mirror and describe what they can see. Can they describe what colour hair, eyes, skin they have? Where are their teeth, eye brows and ears?
  2. Your child can draw a self-portrait on to the template, while using the mirror.
  3. Draw or cut and paste pictures of some of their favourite things around the portrait.
  4. Talk about what they love to do or interests that they have. Write, or help your child
  5. Write, their name across the top or bottom of the template.
  6. Colour in or decorate using textas, glitter, stickers or whatever special items your child wants to add.

Further information
Don’t feel that you have to correct your child’s work – let them draw and create whatever they want. If you repeat this activity from time to time you’ll see a wide range of your child’s skills (observing, drawing, colouring, imagining, describing, thinking, etc) growing and developing.

Draw some other family members or friends. Try and look very closely at each face and ask your child to describe what they can see.

When adults and children share positive emotions, such as laughter and smiling together, it engages the child’s brain in good ways and promotes feelings of security.


Key message
Children’s wellbeing is critical to brain development and learning.

For full activiy time sheet please download attached PDF
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