Baz and Benz Learning Time Sheet

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Baz and Benz are friends, but Baz wants to know if they’ll always be friends. So, Baz tries changing his appearance, making silly noises and even disappearing to see if Benz will still be his friend. A fun story about one little owl exploring the boundaries of love and friendship. The simple illustrations appeal with personality and humour

Before Reading
Show the children the cover of the book and ask them what they can see.
Ask the children to touch the top of their own head to see if they can feel a little owl on their head.
Ask the children to make owl eyes by making ‘glasses’ by joining their thumb ad first finger in a circle and holding the ‘glasses; up to their eyes.
Count the eyes on each of the owls on the book’s cover.
Count the owls on the front cover and ask the children to guess what the names of the owls might be.
Reveal the characters’ names by reading the title of the book.
Read the name of the author/illustrator and begin the reading.
During Reading
Point to each of the words as you read them.

One the first page, talk about the colour of each of the owls.
Throughout the book talk about other colours you can see. (Orange feet, white eyes, blue branch)
When Baz says, “Meep! Meep! Meep! Meep!’ encourage the children to join in. “Meep! Meep! Meep! Meep!’
As you read, talk about Benz’s feelings (annoyed, sad, afraid, happy) and ask children to make a face to match the feeling.
On the second to last page, the two owls are snuggled up together. Offer the children and their carers the opportunity to give each other a little hug too!
After Reading  -  Song Finger Rhyme 
Two Little Owl Friends   (to the rhythm of Two Little Dickie Birds).
Two Little Owls Friends    (Hold up 1 finger on each hand)
Sitting on a wall
One named Pearlie    (Wiggle one finger)
One named Paul   (Wiggle the other finger)
Fly away Pearlie    (Make one finger ‘fly’ and disappear behind you back)
Fly away Paul    (Make the other finger fly and disappear behind your back as well)
Come back Pearlie   (Hold up one finger again)
Come back Paul    (Hold up one finger on the other hand as well)
Repeat the rhyme again
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