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Baby Touch - Colours Ladybird Books 

A bright, interactive touch-and-feel book to introduce Baby to colours. 

Key Message for Parents | Children learn through being engaged and doing. 

  • Babies are active learners who gain knowledge by exploring. 
  • Playful games, stories and songs allow and encourage children to be engaged. 
  • Picture books provide opportunities to stimulate play experiences. 

Australian Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners 

  • Active involvement in learning builds children’s understanding of concepts 
  • Creative thinking and inquiry are necessary for lifelong learning 
  • Children’s active involvement transforms their learning 
Before Reading 
Encourage the group to sit comfortably in a place where they can see the book. 
Introduce the book by saying, “We have just sung a rainbow song and I can see a rainbow on the cover of our book.” Depending on the age of the infants you might like to point to and name each colour on the rainbow and encourage the children to repeat the words as best they can after you. “Red. Can you see something red? Can you say red?” 
You could have items (soft toys or scarves) of each colour that you have prepared in a story time bag/box for you to reach in and hold up as you say each colour. Or place the colourful items around the room before the session. 
During Reading 
Each page introduces a colour and shows an animal (e.g. Yellow – soft yellow duck). As not everyone in the group will be able to touch the illustration during the Story Time it’s best to focus on the colour and the animal. Perhaps pause at each colour and ask the listeners to look around the room for other things
of that colour they can see. The children might like to point to or touch things of that colour, maybe even on their clothes. Hold up the items from your story bag/box, or if you have placed items around the room then those closest can hold them up or touch them while saying each colour. 

Another way to support engagement is to ask the audience to make the animal sound for each of the animals as you read each page – Can you quack like a duck? – or perform simple actions – Can you flap like a butterfly? Encourage carers to support their little ones to carry out such actions. 

After Reading – Song Time 
The book features five animals (duck, frog, fish, bird, butterfly). Start at the beginning of the book again and look at each picture. Sing one song to go with each animal as you turn the pages. 
Yellow Duck – Five Little Ducks 
You can sing a shorter version using Two Little Ducks if five feels too long. You could even change the words to Five Yellow Ducks. 
Green Frog – Galumph Went the Little Green Frog. 
Blue Fish – Once I Caught A Fish Alive 
Red Bird – Two Little Dickie Birds 
Purple Butterfly – Five Butterflies


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