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Baby Touch and Feel Things That Go

By DK Books

This sturdy colourful board book is the perfect way to introduce babies to the exciting world of transport. Touch and feel illustrations provide a range
of sensory discoveries, which encourage babies to engage, explore and learn!

Key Message for Parents | Children Learn Language By Listening To It And Using It

A baby watches and listens to everything we do, tuning into the sounds and words he or she hears. By 15 months a toddler will normally have the cognitive and gross motor skills to mimic our actions and sounds. This process of imitation or mimicry is a when a young child observes, processes the information,
attempts it themselves, then practices. This story Things That Go has lots of different forms of transport that make lots of different sounds! Have fun making the “Choo Choo” of the train, or the ‘brmm brmm” of the car.

When out walking, point out things you see to your baby. There is so much to see just walking down the
street, have fun and explore the world together.

Australian Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

Educators and parents can help babies become effective communicators by reading, singing,
talking and playing with them every day.

  • Learning to talk is a process which begins as soon as a baby is born
  • Babies learn to talk by listening and looking, beginning with making sounds or “babbling” and progressing to forming simple words like “Da Da” between six to nine months. As language develops so does comprehension and baby will begin to use gestures and replacement words for objects like “Bot Bot” for bottle etc.
  • While making time in the day for stories, songs and play, it is also important to allow time for baby to rest and relax, to avoid “overstimulation”. Watch for signs of tiredness such as pulling at ears, jerky movements, crying and of course yawning.



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