Baby Touch and Feel: Farm Animals Learning Time

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Baby Touch and Feel | Farm Animals

By DK Books

This chunky board book is the perfect way to introduce your baby to farm animals. Full of gorgeous bright photos of farm animals and packed with different textures and colours, babies will delight in touching and feeling the soft cow, the fluffy chicken and the sticky mud. The simple bold text is perfect for babies meeting farm animals for the first time. With lots of opportunity for little fingers to explore and make animal noises Farm Animals will have you mooing, baaing and quacking until the sleepy end.

Key Message for Parents | Children learn through being engaged and doing.

Children are active learners. They learn about the world by exploring and playing. Many books are designed to encourage the child to interact and engage with them. As new sights, textures and sounds are absorbed the connections in a baby’s brain that make learning possible multiply and become stronger. Some ideas to share with parents about engaging with their baby include;

  • Read books that encourage the reader to interact like lift the flap and ones with different textures.
  • Play with your baby. They love being with you and by playing simple games you are strengthening the bond between yourself and your baby.

Australian Early Years Learning Framework | Outcome 5: Children Are Effective Communicators

Babies learn to communicate by watching and listening and they need many experiences to build their communication skills.

  •  By sharing reading stories, talking and singing with babies you are providing the perfect environment for language development to blossom.
  •  Babies love to listen to your voice so talk with them as much as possible. Talk about what you are doing, whether it’s changing them, serving or preparing food, or playing a game.
  •  Respond to babies attempts at communicating. Pause and listen to the sounds and gestures they make. These sounds are the precursors to words. The more you communicate babies the better they will be at communicating.



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