Baby Touch and Feel: Farm Animals Activity Time

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By DK Books

Let’s go to the farm! What might you see? Perhaps a black and white cow with a little calf sitting amongst the flowers, or a pig and some piglets playing in some sticky mud? DK brings farm animals to life with beautiful photographs and interesting touch and feel elements on each page – perfect for babies to look at and explore.

Talking matters

You will need:

  • You and your baby.


Talking with your baby can feel odd when they cannot speak back to you, but it is one of the most important activities you can do with your baby to help support their language development. Here are some of our favourite tips for chatting with your baby:

  • Chat about what you are doing with your baby. Tell them “We are heading out to the park today, it is cold so let’s make sure you have a hat on.”
  • Read books with them. It can feel strange having a conversation with a baby, so reading books can help! Read the words and describe the pictures to your baby
  • Have conversations with your baby. Ask questions and pause to allow them to respond. It might not be with words, but babies can respond with a smile, or by cooing and babbling
  • Cuddle up together, hold your baby close and give them time to look at the pictures in the book
  • Make sure your baby can see your face while you are chatting. They will be watching how your mouth moves, and it won’t be long before your baby starts to copy you
  • If you get stuck for ideas, sing a song. Singing is not only fun, it slows down our speech and your baby will be able to hear the parts of the words more clearly. Sing songs with simple hand actions to add meaning to what you are saying.


Songs to sing

Open Shut Them, Incy Wincy Spider and Round and Round the Garden.

Key message | Children learn from watching and copying.


For full Activity Time download attached PDF.


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