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Before Reading

Use cushions and blankets to set up a comfortable area to sit with everyone. If you can have enough copies of the book to give to each family. Use your finger to run under the words of the title as you say them. This allows babies to begin to associate the words on the page to the sounds of the word. Touch is also very important to brain development.
Ask your baby where is the baby on the cover? Point to the baby and say here is the baby.

During Reading

Babies love to hear the sound of their parents’ or care givers voice. Take time to talk about what is happening in the illustrations. Point out the baby and encourage your child to touch the book. What other things are in the illustrations? Kangaroos, birds, flowers, trees.

After Reading

Invite families to share their experiences of rituals or ceremonies. Hearing about what people in your community do to welcome babies to the world will help understanding and acceptance of other customs and traditions.

Extension ideas

Talk with families and carers about the importance of babies feeling connected to important people in their life, and their environment.

  • Rituals and ceremonies to welcome babies are common worldwide. It is a time of celebration. Investigate other rituals with babies- christenings, naming ceremonies, baptisms.
  • Take you baby for a walk through a park. Point out the trees, flowers and any animals or birds that may be visible.


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