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Baby Bedtime 

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November 2014 
Written in gentle, rhythmic rhyme, Baby Bedtime is a perfect story to read aloud before bed. It is a lullaby to all babies and highlights the love shared between parents and their young children. 

Key Message For Parents: The Best Learning Happens in Nurturing Relationships 

We can provide learning opportunities through nurturing relationships by: 
  • Ensuring babies have secure first attachments, an important base for exploring and learning 
  • Interacting in a positive, encouraging, gentle and caring way with babies 
  • Sharing books together that promote warm, loving relationships between parents and children 

Learning Outcomes 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing 

We can help babies to develop social and emotional wellbeing by: 
  • Showing genuine warmth, understanding and affection 
  • Sharing connectedness with babies through talking, singing and laughing together 
  • Being responsive to the baby’s basic needs such as thirst, hunger, rest, comfort and play 
Before Reading 
Before reading with babies, it is important to ensure their needs such as hunger, thirst or comfort are met. Reading is a lovely activity to share after feeding or before bedtime. Babies like to be cuddled and held close when being read to. They like to be able to see the pages and may like to hold or suck the book. 
This book is about the relationship between parent and baby, and describes the love they share. 
If reading in a group, it is ideal to sit in a circle with the children cuddled in close with their adult. 
You can point to the front page and show the parent and baby elephant sitting closely together with a book. You can say that this is what we are doing too. The baby elephant is going to get ready for bed and is ready to share a story together. Let’s find out about what the elephants do at baby’s bedtime.
During Reading 
This book is simple, clear and quick! It is a story that could be read over and over again, every night as part of the bedtime routine. 
Read each page slowly and look at the pictures. You can interact with your baby as illustrated in this story, for example, touching their ear when it says, “I could eat your little ears”. Babies learn through sensory experiences so touching ears, hands and feet while reading is a great idea. 
This story is a lullaby and can be read in a rhythmic way. The words encourage connection, cuddling and demonstrations of love. The most powerful way to show the meaning of this story is to also demonstrate your connection and love with your baby as you read it. 
After Reading 
Cuddles and spending time reflecting on the book together is an important after reading activity. You can also go back through the book and talk with your baby about what the elephants are doing. 
You could repeat the story word for word, or paraphrase it by pointing to each picture and then to your baby saying ‘ears, nose, fingers, toes’.
When you share a book together, allow time for your baby to respond. Pause and take time to listen to your baby. They may point, grab at the book, or make a sound. They may look at you or look at the book. Respond positively and engage with your baby as they interact with the story. When your baby is ready to stop, they will show you and it is important to respond to that message also.
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