Baby Bedtime Activity Time

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Activity Time




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By Mem Fox and Emma Quay

Reflecting on your day

You will need:

• You and your baby


1. As you prepare your baby for bed talk about what you’ve done during the day. Snuggle up and talk about what you will do tomorrow too. Explain that now it is time for everyone to sleep while it is dark at night, and when the sun comes up it will be time to wake up and begin the day.

2. Describe the differences in night and day, light and dark and the moon, stars and sunshine. 

Further information

Bedtime is a special time to cuddle up and enjoy being together while you chat about your day. When babies feel safe, secure and loved they are ready to learn. 

Babies will watch your face intently, watching how you use your mouth to form words and speak. The more you talk with your baby the more words they will hear, which prepares them for speech.

Your baby may start coo-ing by 3 months, babbling by 6 months, and trying to say their first simple words between 9-12 months. 


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby and Rock A Bye Baby. 

Key Message: Children’s wellbeing is critical to brain development and learning.


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